Starting in 2016, we will have three toddler classrooms. The “Little Bears”, “Little Cubs”, and “Little Wolves” class placement is based on age, developmental readiness, and availability.

IST will provide whole milk and water at each specified meal time for each child. Food and snacks will not be provided. Toddlers in the Little Cubs class and Little Bears class will need to drink from sippy cups, labeled and brought from home.

Parents will need to supply diapers and wipes, individually labeled for proper storage. Children will be checked every half an hour for soiled diapers. If obviously wet or soiled, the child will be changed sooner. Please leave at least one set of clothing in your child’s cubby. Please dress your child appropriately for weather as they will be going outside everyday for at least two play periods or a ride in the stroller. Toddlers can begin working on potty training at school as long as parents inform teachers about what they are doing with potty training at home so that training can be consistent.


Little Cubs – 2 teachers for up to 11 students

Little Bears – 2 teachers for up to 13 -16 students (depending on the ages of children enrolled)

Little Wolves – 1 teacher for up to 8 students