The International School of Tucson is a non-profit entity and as such is governed by a board of Trustees. It is an independent school whose board of Trustees is committed to providing governance and wise long-term strategies of sustainability. To that end,  it seeks the expertise of its parent community as well as the greater community it serves. The board seeks the finest in leadership to create a model International School. The board seeks diversity in its membership – gender, age, race/ethnicity/religion, language, resources, and of course, opinions. It seeks individuals with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and resources in order to  promote creativity and innovation. All members work toward one over-arching and supremely important purpose-the education of children for a global community


The IST Trustee Board envisions a vibrant supportive school community which embodies excellence in international education, is inclusive of all cultures and ethnicities, and is efficiently managed to maximize the full potential of each student and ensure the  long term health of the organization.


The Trustees share the IST Values for a global society:  Appreciation * Empathy * Commitment * Enthusiasm *Confidence*Independence *Co-operation * Integrity * Creativity * Respect * Curiosity * Tolerance.


The International School Board of Trustees believes all have something to contribute to the mission of the school.  We invite you to review its Guiding documents. Perhaps think about serving on a Committee.  Some people may wish to take on the challenge of a board position–read the Membership section and consider your future role with IST.